Danske Spil agrees landmark esports deal

Under the terms of the deal, Pinnacle Solution will supply its market-leading esports product to the Danish national lottery operator. This announcement marks a major milestone in the growth of Pinnacle Solution, with its official arrival into the European market. Supplying such a prominent and respected brand like Danske Spil is a testament to the quality of the Pinnacle Solution product.

Paris Smith, Pinnacle CEO, said:

"We’ve always been confident that there was a gap in the market that Pinnacle Solution could fill and that it wouldn’t take us long to break into the higher reaches of the B2B sports betting industry. The fact that no one comes close to what we offer in terms of esports experience and integrity, and expertise in providing profits has been the key to driving our growth over the past few years. We know we can help others take advantage of esports, but they need to understand where the value is and partner with the platform that produces. That’s definitely the case with Danske Spil, who themselves are highly regarded for their belief in esports."

Marco Blume, Pinnacle Trading Director, added:

"One of the main reasons we’ve seen such growth in esports at Pinnacle is our passion for esports and the belief in its ability to thrive in a sports betting environment. It was clear after our initial conversations with Danske Spil that they are on the same page as us. They’re fully aware of the potential of esports. They have a clear understanding of why our product is so unique and the value it offers. We happened to be the missing piece of the puzzle for them, and we look forward to the success that this partnership will bring."

Jens Nielsen, Danske Spil Sports Betting Director, commented:

"At Danske Spil we have prioritised esports as a focus area since we launched esports betting in early 2014. We very much look forward to our new partnership with Pinnacle Solution, a pioneer within esports betting, which will support our continued ambition of offering a modern and competitive esports offering to our clients."

This is just another step in the growth of Pinnacle Solution and deals similar to the one struck with Danske Spil won’t be too far away for Pinnacle Solution. The tireless commitment to developing our esports product and protecting the integrity of esports has helped Pinnacle Solution find a unique position within the market. While the rise of esports was already following a notable trajectory, the recent COVID-19 situation has only accelerated this growth and magnified the benefits esports betting has to offer for operators.

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